Business of Play School Franchise in India

Opting for a franchise provides the ease of having a basic framework of curriculum and prerequisites for your business. However, there are several drawbacks too like high royalty fees and a long break even period.

You can start your own play school independently and develop it to become an ideal school of your dreams. To open a play school, you need a thorough research and study of the requirements of a play school in India. Running your own play school requires understanding the process and setting up a proper curriculum and functioning system.

You can avail a Play School Franchise Opportunity that suits you best and set up an independent business. You need to create, maintain and complete a checklist of requirements for your business.

The basic and significant requirements for play school franchise are investing an expected amount of capital, creating the expected infrastructure and hiring the required expertise. You can get several benefits like assistance in paperwork and compliances, help in business strategy planning and marketing and a skeletal framework of administration of your business.

Furthermore, you can also get guidance in defining policies and managing the growth of your business. Today there are several options available in the Franchise market and you have the flexibility to select one that suits you the best. If you have experience in academics or play school environment, it acts as an added advantage though it is not mandatory. Franchise opportunities require you to be perfect in terms of the human resources and conduction of curriculum. Your resources need to be tested and certified to teach the particular curriculum.

We are play school consultants and offer play school consultancy services in India. We help you to start an American-format preschool and play school in India. You can get the best of expertise that will help you to get started with the play school of your choice and also get periodical help to manage the school.

Play School Curriculum

We are leading educare consultants and offer you guidance on how to register a play school in India. We provide services to set up appropriate play school curriculum for your play school. We also assist you to research and develop curriculum with academic experts. We provide a day wise play school curriculum which is unique and unmatched.

Designing a suitable curriculum for play school is one of the most important steps to run a successful play school. The play school curriculum helps to prepare the kids to get geared up for the next level of schooling. The age of the play school kids is the age of overall physical and brain development. This fact needs to be duly considered for curriculum development. One more thing that needs attention is child psychology. When you design every topic of the curriculum, it should aim at being at a level where the kids can grasp the concept easily. The topic should be fun to learn and it should contribute to the development of the children.

For example, when you develop a play school curriculum in India, festival celebration becomes significant. Children can learn a lot about different cultures and develop interactive skills through these activities. While designing the play school syllabus, you need to have a broad framework so as to make it a learning experience that is thoroughly enjoyed.

In reading, the kids should be introduced to new words and they should understand the phonetics. In writing skills, as they are introduced to lines, curves and alphabets, they should learn the coordination and motor skills. Math should help them get friendly with numbers rather than introducing the subject as a study thing. Drawing and coloring should be a medium of expression, fun and art. Music, drama and dance should be modes of relaxation and also arts of conversation and communication. The curriculum should also be a complete one that will get the kids prepared to enter the next higher level of school.


Play School Activities

Play school is the place of learning through fun for kids. Toddlers step out of their homes into this big world and come to the school to gain education. Their age is very tender and receptive. Play school is the stage where learning is introduced through fun and frolic along with a little book study. The books also need to be attractive and easy for the little angels to understand and enjoy. Every curriculum has a set of activities designed for the tiny tots. These activities include music, dance, poetry recitation, drama and games that improve the motor skills, psychological, intellectual and emotional skills of children.

Some of the play school activities ideas can be listed broadly as follows:

Festival Celebrations: This is one of the most important activities in play schools in India. India is a nation where diverse cultures and traditions that are celebrated with unity. You can introduce children to these cultures through festive celebrations. It helps them enjoy the festival as well as enhances their communication with their friends and teachers on these occasions. Preparing greeting cards, lanterns, rakhis and other articles are the activities that can be conducted. This helps to encourage the drawing and craft skills.

Cooking Activities: Salad and sandwich making are activities that 2+ yr kids enjoy. They can peel fruits and spread butter and jam on bread slices. Teachers can help them preparing these snacks and enjoy a healthy snack time. This enhances the motor skills.

Gymnastics and Outdoor Games: Kids can enjoy some time outside the classroom. Playing in the sandpit and on soft gym tools is exciting for kids. You can plan a playtime during the school hours.

Group Activities: Drama, group dance, fancy dress events and group singing are various group activities that you can plan for children. Through these activities, they learn to interact with each other and develop their motor skills. They learn to overcome stage fears and gain confidence through public speaking.

Library: You can develop reading and book handling skills by setting up a miniature library in the play school. Kids develop love for books and also learn to handle them properly. You can buy hard bound, colorful books designed especially for toddlers.

Drawing and Painting: You can provide ample paper, colors and crayons to children and let them express themselves through art. Drawing is the best way for kids to come out with their inner emotions.

Celebrating Parents and Grandparents Days: You can plan celebrations of Parents day and Grandparents day in play school. You can plan activities and help the kids showcase them on these days.

Indoor Games: Flash cards, fun cards, jigsaw puzzles, blocks and rings are some of the games that toddlers enjoy. Gradually you can introduce them to more complex levels. When they play these games in the school with their peers, they learn to share and enjoy things together. This may not happen at home where they are often pampered.

We are educare consultants and you can call us for developing play school activities. We can help you deal with experienced and qualified education experts who can help you design innovative activities for your play school.

How to Start a Play School in India

Play school is the most significant year in a kid’s life. This is the time when the toddler goes out of the house for the first time and gets accustomed to a school routine. Though the play school routine is just for a couple of hours where the kids play and dance, it teaches them a lot. They learn to interact with their peers and teachers. They learn to step outside the house and create a little world for themselves where they make new friends and learn new things.

Starting your own play school is a noble profession where you can provide this first exciting opportunity to the kids. It is also an excellent business venture if it is planned and executed systematically. Since preschool education is acquiring importance in the education system today, parents are very particular about selecting the best of the school for their kid. Hence, for setting up a play school in India, you need to consider several factors as listed below:

Setting up a proper business plan: You need to decide a suitable location for the play school. Plan your investment and decide the extent of your play school accordingly. Find out the detail procedure to start a play school in India.

Infrastructure: Once the site, capital and documentation are set, you need to decide the layout and infrastructure. Based on the curriculum that you decide for the play school, you need to set up the classrooms, play area and equipments. The infrastructure need not be very costly, but it should be adequate to suffice the needs of the curriculum. You can find out about the details of various dealers that provide indoor and outdoor equipments for school. You also need to plan the activity details and food program for the toddlers.

Human Resources: If you plan to hire teachers and assistants for the school, you need to plan the recruitment schedule. You need to hire trained teachers as prescribed by the curriculum. The assistants should also be tested for the comfort level with toddlers and reliability.

Marketing: With the set up all ready, you need to go ahead with the marketing plan for your school. Decide the geographic radius for your location and advertise your brand. You need to interact with parents that come in for inquiries and convince them through counseling and discussions.

If you are planning to start the play school at home, you need to find the formalities required for the same. If your locality is purely residential, you need to verify if it is legal to open a play school in a residential area. You can then proceed with the tasks to set up the play school as listed above.

We are educare consultants and offer assistance is setting up a play school in India. We work with you to find out the details and intricacies of the procedures involved in setting up a play school. This includes prospecting and selecting a suitable site, assisting in providing information about the documentation and legal formalities, setting up the infrastructure and planning the marketing strategy.

Business opportunities by starting activity centre for kids in India


Kids enjoy activity not only in their preschool but also appreciate the various classes at an activity center. As the place where you have registered, a preschool is occupied in morning, the evening or afternoon time is most suitable for activities. This yields income and improves the awareness program in your area, thereby bringing in novelty and value addition to your contribution towards an educational program. It is desirous to do a basic research to find about various activities in your area meant for children from 2.5 years to high school.

This is a great business option and justifies the utilization of space to the maximum. It is also good to recruit a few trainers and include activities and fun ideas that will attract children. Pricing must be reasonable and allow students to enroll in large numbers. Marketing is usually done via newspaper inserts and slowly the business improves via word of mouth. It is great to note that this proves as an additional income even if you are operating from home. Additional expertise is certainly of immense value and will work out to be beneficial, as the skills seen in the trainers who are adept at the activity will prove to be useful. Parents appreciate the benefits of after school programs for kids

Usual activity center includes drawing, art, dance, speech and drama, general knowledge and math improvement. Age wise concepts must be involved so that the syllabus is justified as per age and ability. Additional weekend activities for parents too will be appreciated like clay making, art fun, origami classes as well as mother-toddler programs. After school programs for kids in the older age group like handwriting improvement classes, canvas painting and chess classes are also enterprising. We offer consultancy for all kinds of self-initiatives in preschool and activity classes including curriculum.