How to Start a New School in India

When you decide to open a school in India, the process depends on a lot of factors. Initially you need to decide if you are planning to open a private or a public school.

Opening a private school in India provides you the flexibility of several factors like the limits of investments, infrastructure and curriculum and you can set up the charges and fees within certain acceptable limits. In government aided schools you can still set up a high end infrastructure, but the fees and the rules and regulations regarding staff, students and administration need to follow the norms laid by the governing body. The procedures to start a private and public school also differ to some extent. You need to understand how to start a private school in India.

If you are starting a school in village in India, you need to understand the requirements of the rural area, their expectations and the financial constraints too. Accordingly you can provide the best of the facilities from your end but you need to run the school along with the limitations of the rural area.

One of the most important aspects of the school is the curriculum. You can adopt the curriculum that is affiliated to one of the board or council like the ICSE, CBSE, IB or the state board. You need to study the requirements and the existing schools in the area where you plan to open a new school. Similarly, you also need to understand the details of the syllabus, methodology and functioning of each type of curriculum before you finalize on the curriculum. For example if you decide to open a new CBSE School in India, you need to research the process and documentation work that is expected to be completed.

Once you analyze all the factors mentioned above, you can decide the investment, infrastructure that you can invest for your school. You can also compile the approvals and certifications that are required from the local regulatory bodies in the village or city. Thus you can get started with the procedure that is required to start a new school affiliated to a particular board or curriculum as defined by the respective procedure.

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