Preschool Counseling is important

Research has shown that Indian parents have become aware of the quality and methodologies of preschool education and emphasize on the best of education being provided to their kids. Research also shows that when there is a positive coordination between the kid and parents and between the parents and teachers on a regular basis, it creates a positive impact on the education of the child. Importance of counseling with preschool teachers, staff, and parents in India is better known today.

The preschool counseling services focus on this coordination. Preschool education has positively evolved in India in the last few years. Owing to the competition of the national and international brands coming up and the increasing awareness in parents, preschools offer the best of services including counseling. Counseling is done by teachers who have been trained for it or it can be managed by professional counselors hired by the school. We are early childhood counselors in Mumbai, India and offer counseling preschoolers services in India.

Counseling can be done for parents and students. Parent counseling begins from the admission phase itself. Parents who have their first time of preschool admission need to know more about early child education and the functioning of the school. Schools usually conduct individual sessions for parents providing them the details. The second phase for parents is when they admit their child to the preschool. A parent workshop is conducted by the school so as to explain the intricacies of preschool education and the role of teachers and parents in child development.

Throughout the year, regular parent teacher meetings also constitute more or less counseling where parents get to understand about the overall development of their child. In case of any problems, or in case of special children, professional counselors play an important role. Children showing issues in a particular skill type or in learning are also given special counseling so that they overcome the fears and get comfortable. We provide counseling for preschoolers in India. Contact us for school counseling in India.

Activities like Mother Toddler program are initiated by a lot of play schools in India. Parents are often counseled before and during these programs about child development and importance of preschool counseling. You can see several toddler and preschool counseling and parent education programs in Mumbai, India coming up recently.

We are school counselors in Mumbai, India and we offer pre-school and school counseling services in India.

How to Hire and interview preschool teachers in India

Being a preschool teacher is not a cakewalk as it appears to be. Vacancies for preschool teachers ask for a preschool teaching certification and some experience. It appears to be a job that engages you for less time as compared to other jobs and provides lots of holidays and vacations.

However, if you take a close look, the job requires you to train the tiny tots while you are shaping their minds and lives skillfully. This involves lots of loves, delicacy and skills to connect with the kids at their level and provide them the best. The pressures from parents and school authorities come as an addition. We manage a preschool job consultancy in India.

If you are keen to understand how to hire preschool teachers in India, you need to evaluate them in relation with various factors:

  • Along with the degree and certification, their skills in language, Math, computers and communication across language barriers need to be judged. You need to understand the reason for opting to early education field and their passion for teaching and patience with kids and parents.
  • You need to question their knowledge about routine teaching methods in preschools and their understanding and interests in innovative methods.
  • Preschool teachers are expected to know about the safety and security norms and also should be able to handle emergencies of all kinds related to school and kids.
  • Managing schedules, worksheets, extracurricular activities, and sessions with parents, school administration and other academic coordination skills should be judged by questioning them.

You can frame the preschool teacher interview questions and answers based on these points. You need to ensure that the teachers can cope with children at all levels. Every kid is unique in terms of psychological, intellectual, communication and other skills. The way children adapt and change their behavior in preschools can be unpredictable at times. Teachers should be skilled to understand and deal with these challenges.

Thus an overall assessment of the skills needs to be conducted when interviewing preschool teachers. We own hiring services for preschool teachers in India and also offer advice, help and interview tip for hiring preschool teachers in India.

Preschool checks and quality assessment

In India preschools are managed by education institutes, NGOs, private institutions and individuals and so on. The number of preschools in the small and big cities has increased tremendously in the last few years and starting a new preschool in cities like Mumbai is relatively easy. Several brands are getting the franchise options open with huge chains propping up rapidly. These schools have curriculum affiliated to various boards and councils like national and international boards while some have their independent curriculum as well.

Running a preschool business in India provides the freedom to design and adapt the curriculum has resulted in a lot of variation in the learning programs. However, there has been no system designed to measure the quality and output of the education programs that have been designed for these tiny tots. Similarly, there are no parameters for the admission criteria for these schools. Thus kids enter the schools from various socio-economical backgrounds, study in varied education patterns and enter primary schools with a variation in knowledge and understanding.

It is therefore essential that there should be certain parameters that measure the efficiency and effectiveness of the early education imparted in preschools. This quality assessment helps to safeguard the early education and helps in regulating the standards of preschool education. In India, the regulation can be brought about by periodical inspection and assessment by the regulatory bodies.

There could also be a process of receiving an accreditation by the regulatory bodies or department of education just like the higher education bodies receive. This can help the parents to get assured about the quality of education imparted by the preschool. Preschools can be proactive by maintaining their own preschool quality assessment checklist and periodically evaluating the overall preschool service.

The quality assessment also involves the verification of the preschool training skills of the staff members and the establishment of some uniform standards with respect to this. In India, teachers are expected to have a certification of the Montessori training program and an experience is preferred. In certain preschools that have an international curriculum, the norms differ. However, other than certifications, there should be parameters that test the teacher’s skills related to executing the early education and train the young minds considering their psychology.

Thus the assessment of the quality of preschool education is extremely important in order to establish uniformity in preschool education in India. We own preschool behavior management services in India and offer preschool quality checks ( QC ) services in India.