Preschool Curriculum and Digital Learning in India

The positive role of preschools in the educational development of the child is now a well established fact. The thrust provided by the government on education through the Right To Education Act and the guidelines put down on how these preschools should be run have made matters clear to everybody. We therefore see a lot of interest in setting up these schools by individuals, corporate companies and other institutions as they are aware they can get a more than decent return on their investment.

When you add the impetus of the prevailing digital advancements to all this, it is easy to appreciate that preschool curriculum and digital learning in India is the way to go. Parents want the best for their children and will not hesitate to spend money on education. They are also in today’s times well travelled and wish schools in India to have similar operations like some of the globally respected preschools.

Things are changing in India

Awareness and the stipulation of strict regulations on how preschools have to be run is today a given. This has led to many global brands getting into franchise agreements with interested local parties for the setting up preschools wherein the children will be exposed to the best global preschool curriculum.

Digital learning is automatically enhanced and promoted through such ventures. The once boring classroom with a teacher doing a monologue session with children is fast coming to an end. Today, there is talk of virtual reality and augmented reality experiences in the classroom with both teachers and children getting into highly interactive sessions.

Digital gadgets are becoming the flavor of the day

There is increased acceptance of allowing gadgets like the tablet in classrooms. Teachers too are being trained to use the digital medium for teaching. The conventional blackboard with chalk and duster will have to make way for the digital gadgets. Children are also more comfortable with the usage of such gadgets due to their exposure at a very early age to smart phones. They are also more than happy sharing notes on social media groups and chat groups.

Preschool curriculum and digital learning is here to stay and nobody can wish it away now. The process of learning and the entire experience of exploring vistas in each subject through technology is motivating teachers and children alike.

Infrastructural reforms and pace have to pick up

Digital learning across schools and universities in India can take a leap only when sufficient bandwidth is available at both urban and rural locations. The government is doing a good job laying fiber optic pipes and enabling last mile connectivity.

India is booming with a middle class that is happy to spend on digital devices and on internet. The ecosystem is changing rapidly, thanks to government initiatives in the fields of power and road networks. There is virtually nothing that can now stop this nation from embracing digital education in full.

Global brands in education are here to provide their expertise for preschool curriculum and digital learning to really take off in India.


Day wise play school curriculum

Education to preschoolers is a very rewarding experience. Children are easily influenced with interesting lessons and they observe and cherish the teachings of good teacher. It is so very important for a playschool to select and coordinate activities that are in context to the age and exposure of a student.

play school IndiaWe are professional preschool curriculum providers in India. Selecting a curriculum and including modern trends is very much important to let children imbibe the right skills. We will help you in scheduling a day wise plan for all your students.

The day wise activity plan for a playschool is essential because it allows structure and the facilitator is able to keep the teaching aids and props ready before the class. This is essential to allow an easy flow of curriculum so that children get the best. We are one of the best providers for playgroup curriculum in India. We include bonding programs as well as include a planned format devised time-wise and also include innovative concepts like group activity and circle time. We shall also train your faculty accordingly.

Day plans and special concepts about themes and festivals can also be planned which includes family days and mother toddler programs. Playgroup classes have to be planned well. We are consultants and if you want to start your own school, we will give you a customized lesson plan and playgroup curriculum planning that will assist you in conducting your classes in a programmed manner. A range of spreadsheet is also available so that you have a proper record and arrange for a monthly lesson plan. Communication to parents as well as monthly concepts is also planned by us.

We can also customize the plans as per your need so that the plan is effective and renders easily. Having your own playschool is a great idea and the best curriculum ensures success. 

Mother Toddler Curriculum in India – planning the best for your play school

The mother toddler curriculum needs to be designed for a short and fixed duration of time. The topics of the curriculum may vary but overall the curriculum includes activities that focus on understanding and encouraging the all round development of the toddlers.

This program is designed for toddlers of 10 months to around 2 years. The curriculum for mother toddler activity centres needs to be designed so as to suit this age group. Secondly, the toddlers come to the school and out of the home environment for the first time. It is important to have an informal approach to make them more comfortable.

As the mothers accompany the kids, the curriculum needs to be an experience that helps the moms understand the interests of their toddlers and also should provide an opportunity to get introduced to the learn and play world.

The parent toddler curriculum in India can be described broadly as follows:

Games like blocks, puzzles, stacking rings, sorting shapes, modeling clays are perfect for toddlers. They help in developing the motor and coordination skills of the kids. Pretend and play activities like kitchen, doll house and many more can be included.

Outdoor games like gymnastics, sandpit, and sports can let out their energy and moms can let go their kids.

Activities like singing, dancing, recitation and drama help children express themselves and boost their social skills. It brings up the confidence level of the child. Children can be encouraged to draw and paint with the freedom of expression.

Through all these activities, moms also get a chance to observe their kids and interact with them. They can understand the inclination of their kid and enjoy the activities with them. The teachers explain the significance of the curriculum to the mothers and can guide them regarding systematic education in the formative years. We are education consultants and we design the best mother toddler program curriculum in India

Pre-primary Curriculum in India

Pre-primary is the foundation phase of the school life for kids. The pre primary school curriculum in India needs to be designed thoughtfully. This curriculum should enable the kids to be geared up for the next schooling phase. Considering the pre-primary age group, the activities and study of the pre-primary phase should be nourishing for the little brains. Due consideration should be given to the physical, psychological, emotional and intellectual development of the children.

The pre primary syllabus in India should be such that they should be easy to grasp for the slow learners and should also provide options for the ones with a greater aptitude. The learning should be more through fun and interaction instead of routine classroom lessons. The curriculum should be in sync with the future curriculum. The pre-primary syllabus of CBSE in India and the CBSE kindergarten syllabus should be at advantage if the school follows the CBSE pattern.

Introducing kids to alphabets and words can be done through innovative methods. Children should also be introduced to books and story sessions. You can include memorizing poetry, rhymes and teach them recitation. Children can explore and share their imaginative world though stories and poems. Thus language and phonetics can be introduced and it helps them throughout their life. Numbers can also be introduced through poems and rhymes. Including games session as a part of the curriculum is also essential. This needs to include indoor as well as outdoor games.

Extracurricular activities like music, sports, dance, drama and celebrations are also essential to ensure the overall development of the kids. You can plan celebrations like parents’ day, grandparents’ day, and festivals. Sports events can include soft gym, running, sack race and other sports that are suitable for this age group. The curriculum should comprise of regular interactive sessions with parents. Parents’ workshops also help a great deal where parents can understand education in a different perspective. We are educare consultants and design curriculum for Playgroup, Nursery, Jr.KG, Sr. KG.

Play School Curriculum

We are leading educare consultants and offer you guidance on how to register a play school in India. We provide services to set up appropriate play school curriculum for your play school. We also assist you to research and develop curriculum with academic experts. We provide a day wise play school curriculum which is unique and unmatched.

Designing a suitable curriculum for play school is one of the most important steps to run a successful play school. The play school curriculum helps to prepare the kids to get geared up for the next level of schooling. The age of the play school kids is the age of overall physical and brain development. This fact needs to be duly considered for curriculum development. One more thing that needs attention is child psychology. When you design every topic of the curriculum, it should aim at being at a level where the kids can grasp the concept easily. The topic should be fun to learn and it should contribute to the development of the children.

For example, when you develop a play school curriculum in India, festival celebration becomes significant. Children can learn a lot about different cultures and develop interactive skills through these activities. While designing the play school syllabus, you need to have a broad framework so as to make it a learning experience that is thoroughly enjoyed.

In reading, the kids should be introduced to new words and they should understand the phonetics. In writing skills, as they are introduced to lines, curves and alphabets, they should learn the coordination and motor skills. Math should help them get friendly with numbers rather than introducing the subject as a study thing. Drawing and coloring should be a medium of expression, fun and art. Music, drama and dance should be modes of relaxation and also arts of conversation and communication. The curriculum should also be a complete one that will get the kids prepared to enter the next higher level of school.