Augmented Reality In Education In India

Technology is taking giant steps with every passing day and is coming up with new concepts from time to time. The game Pokémon Go was one such invention that introduced gamers to the possibilities of augmented reality. While this concept is now very prevalent in the entertainment industry, it is also making waves in the education sector and augmented reality in education in India is becoming a reality.

The introduction of augmented reality has improved the quality of content of education drastically. As opposed to a subject being taught by the teacher in an abstract and boring manner, children can now experience education in a more tangible and visual medium. Children can now see 3D objects in front of them. This has led to better interaction and interest among children as well as quicker assimilation of the subject being taught.

The days of audio and visual medium as expressed through a presentation on screen or video are going to be fast replaced with a combination of virtual reality as well as augmented reality.

What is augmented reality then?

Essentially, this is a technology that uses digital information in a manner that blends into the physical environment of the user. Mere semantic representations without any physical affordance have failed to engage children attention span. Now AR is able to facilitate the bridging of real with the virtual, taking the experience of learning to a totally new level.

It is now possible for children to relate to stories at the pre primary and primary levels through interactive sequences that make the characters and other pictures come alive from the books. The AR devices take children to a different plateau altogether.

Augmented reality in education in India is still in its nascent stages

Though the technology has not become very popular as yet, schools and parents are recognizing the tremendous benefits it can provide. Children would be able to understand and assimilate complex education content and would take more interest in learning about them.AR apps are also available on mobile devices, making it easier for anybody to access this technology.

It is necessary here to highlight the difference between Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality. The former transports the viewer into another world while the latter makes use of the physical environment of the viewer in the real world to provide a much more enhanced experience. AR thus puts new information on the already existing one and more importantly is also more cost effective.

AR incorporation into the education sector is wonderful news for teachers and children

It is no secret that teachers want to do their job well and would like to provide the best education content for their children. The introduction of Educational Augmented reality apps in education in India will foster this sentiment greatly. Parents, teachers and children will find the process of education an enriching experience and not a burden thrust on them.

In India, We can start off with preschool curriculum augmented books and augmented reality worksheets that have graphics superimposed on pages for a superb visual experience.

Mother Toddler Activity Centres

Mother Toddler activity centres are set up to provide activity-based integrated learning. This can be done so as to stimulate the development in social, emotional, physical and cognitive areas. The activity centre designs programs in such a way that it includes activities like art, music, interactive games and many more. These introduce the toddlers to basic pre-academic skills through teacher guided activities and hands-on learning.

If you are setting up a Parent and Toddler Group in India, there is some amount of research that you need to do. You can start this activity centre in the play school premise so that you can make use of the infrastructure and other facilities. However, you need a dedicated area for this activity centre to avoid the overlapping of the play school schedule.

If you do not have a playschool, then you need to set up a designated area with infrastructure, toys and stationery required for this activity centre. The space depends on the intake that you plan for this centre. You need to design a curriculum for the programs that you design within this centre. You can plan the batches for certain fixed durations like 2 months with a number of sessions per week. You can design and plan the calendar with the respective batches. You can opt for timings that suit the working moms and for those who are at home.

When planning the curriculum, you need to conduct a research of the activity groups at various centres and accordingly decide the best options. You can take the help of education consultants and experts from these fields. The staff and help required for this activity centre needs to be trained and certified.

Once all the things are in place, you need to market your business and counsel parents about the advantages of enrolling at the centre.

We specialize in mother toddler curriculum in India. We provide guidance on how to start Mother Toddler Centres.

Business of Play School Franchise in India

Opting for a franchise provides the ease of having a basic framework of curriculum and prerequisites for your business. However, there are several drawbacks too like high royalty fees and a long break even period.

You can start your own play school independently and develop it to become an ideal school of your dreams. To open a play school, you need a thorough research and study of the requirements of a play school in India. Running your own play school requires understanding the process and setting up a proper curriculum and functioning system.

You can avail a Play School Franchise Opportunity that suits you best and set up an independent business. You need to create, maintain and complete a checklist of requirements for your business.

The basic and significant requirements for play school franchise are investing an expected amount of capital, creating the expected infrastructure and hiring the required expertise. You can get several benefits like assistance in paperwork and compliances, help in business strategy planning and marketing and a skeletal framework of administration of your business.

Furthermore, you can also get guidance in defining policies and managing the growth of your business. Today there are several options available in the Franchise market and you have the flexibility to select one that suits you the best. If you have experience in academics or play school environment, it acts as an added advantage though it is not mandatory. Franchise opportunities require you to be perfect in terms of the human resources and conduction of curriculum. Your resources need to be tested and certified to teach the particular curriculum.

We are play school consultants and offer play school consultancy services in India. We help you to start an American-format preschool and play school in India. You can get the best of expertise that will help you to get started with the play school of your choice and also get periodical help to manage the school.

Preschool franchise opportunities and preschool business india

Business propositions related to day care are certainly workable in India. It is admirable that parents want the best for their children in terms of preschool education. Although there is competition seeping in from various resources, there are excellent business opportunities in this sector which can viewed as a long-term perspective and run in a professional manner to aim at profits and enhancing repute. Playschool franchising in India are certainly looked up as a great value but it is easy to follow your own module and understand the opportunities to enhance your profit margin by going for a self-owned preschool or playschool. Looking out for play school consultants in India is also advisable to get a clear picture.

The basic concept for a playschool is space that is safe and welcoming. This can be your own home with an extended area around your home. A villa or a ground floor is ideal. Another option is to rent the specified area. Kids require the right syllabus and approach for enhancing their skills. This business is surely profitable if done with the right spirit and curriculum to add value to the education and skill of children. The business in India is growing manifold and many people with basic Montessori training and ability are setting up their own business. Investing in the best play school curriculum India is also necessary.

The teething years may be slow but once the repute catches up, the opportunities in terms of number of students will increase. We offer consultancy on how to have your own preschool and will advise you about improving your business and offer you alternative concepts other than
play school franchise opportunity in India.  The focus must be on value additional and an enriching syllabus, which is beneficial for the development of students. Though the centralized option makes things easy in a franchise model, the freedom to include innovations may be restricted and it may be subjected to viewing and monitoring.

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Play school franchise opportunities and set up cost

Play school business that is well managed is certainly rewarding. Having your own preschool is a commitment but reaps good financial benefits and recognition. The strategy for marketing can be direct and simple to create awareness. It is desirous to conduct a proper survey and study the advantages you can have while starting your own preschool rather than a franchisee model. A close study reveals that having your own preschool works well for people who are looking forward to pursue their entrepreneurial venture with preschools.  Consultants offer the best advice about play school business in India.

The set up cost for a play school franchise is comparatively high. Mostly needing a loan or a heavy investment, this can add up to your expenses. There are a few regulations that a person is bound by for a franchisee model. Standardized concepts for toys, furniture, chairs, bags, activity kits all add up to investment costs. The curriculum is also sent from the main branch, updates are constantly communicated and this may be looked as a stringent module to sustain business. Whereas, in your own set up, you will be able to have your free will and create a better curriculum or syllabus as per the need and demand rather than a playschool franchise model.

The costs for franchise model works on sharing for all activities. Additionally a few requirements like play area may also restrict your location. Maintenance of all this area and sanitation cost is also a factor. Recruitment expenses may also be high while seeking a franchise option as the ratio of student-teacher is also stipulated in the terms and conditions. While all this highlights heavy expenses, it is good to seek expertise and have your own preschool. We are reputed consultants for preschool business opportunities. We will advise you about how to start a playschool.