How to Hire and interview preschool teachers in India

Being a preschool teacher is not a cakewalk as it appears to be. Vacancies for preschool teachers ask for a preschool teaching certification and some experience. It appears to be a job that engages you for less time as compared to other jobs and provides lots of holidays and vacations.

However, if you take a close look, the job requires you to train the tiny tots while you are shaping their minds and lives skillfully. This involves lots of loves, delicacy and skills to connect with the kids at their level and provide them the best. The pressures from parents and school authorities come as an addition. We manage a preschool job consultancy in India.

If you are keen to understand how to hire preschool teachers in India, you need to evaluate them in relation with various factors:

  • Along with the degree and certification, their skills in language, Math, computers and communication across language barriers need to be judged. You need to understand the reason for opting to early education field and their passion for teaching and patience with kids and parents.
  • You need to question their knowledge about routine teaching methods in preschools and their understanding and interests in innovative methods.
  • Preschool teachers are expected to know about the safety and security norms and also should be able to handle emergencies of all kinds related to school and kids.
  • Managing schedules, worksheets, extracurricular activities, and sessions with parents, school administration and other academic coordination skills should be judged by questioning them.

You can frame the preschool teacher interview questions and answers based on these points. You need to ensure that the teachers can cope with children at all levels. Every kid is unique in terms of psychological, intellectual, communication and other skills. The way children adapt and change their behavior in preschools can be unpredictable at times. Teachers should be skilled to understand and deal with these challenges.

Thus an overall assessment of the skills needs to be conducted when interviewing preschool teachers. We own hiring services for preschool teachers in India and also offer advice, help and interview tip for hiring preschool teachers in India.