Importance of stem education in India

The disciplines of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math constitute and play important roles in our lives. Popularly referred to as STEM as in the acronym, nobody can claim to be untouched by them and that is why the importance of stem education in India is being looked at more seriously than ever before.

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The global world needs talent that can measure up

We are in a digital world that is constantly throwing up new opportunities and challenges. If we have to provide a work force for the future to address the requirements in this global world, we have to take the right steps today. We cannot afford to fall back on archaic systems of education delivery that relies more on rote learning and memory recitation. It has been proved beyond doubt that this system does not provide the thinkers, innovators or inventors that the world is seeking.

We have not adopted the best practices that are currently on in the global educational field. Our children at most schools still rely on reading text books, memorizing them and reproducing content at exams that test only the retention capacity of the children but not the understanding of the subject matter.

It is time to go digital with STEM – Importance of stem education in Indian Preschool curriculum.

There is urgent need to introduce the concepts of STEM at preschool and nursery levels. That is because the concepts of STEM can be best understood and enjoyed by children who do not have preconceived ideas of these subjects. When these are introduced later, some of the children may have already developed some kind of fear or aversion to these subjects based on hearsay.

This is where the concept of digital learning comes in and makes the process much easier. Instead of using the conventional blackboard technique, teachers should be made to embrace modern digital audio visual equipment to impart education. Virtual and Augmented Reality concepts are now very much in force and education can be made enjoyable as well as engaging to children making use of these concepts.

STEM subjects are not easy to assimilate

There is no doubt that the subjects of science, technology, engineering and math are not easy to learn and pick up. Unless they are introduced to children in a manner that is interactive and interesting, children will not take to them. Early exposure to these subjects through subject content and delivery by the right teachers in an environment that is congenial will enable children to learn these subjects.

A strong base and good knowledge of the concepts in these subjects among children will provide us the next batch of innovators, scientists, engineers and inventors.  Today we are faced with a talent gap not only in children but also teachers. The demand for excellent teachers who can impart education in STEM subjects is increasing exponentially and there is a need to make the profession of teaching a viable and sought after one by the government. Only this will encourage more among us to take up teaching as a full time profession.

Preschool checks and quality assessment

In India preschools are managed by education institutes, NGOs, private institutions and individuals and so on. The number of preschools in the small and big cities has increased tremendously in the last few years and starting a new preschool in cities like Mumbai is relatively easy. Several brands are getting the franchise options open with huge chains propping up rapidly. These schools have curriculum affiliated to various boards and councils like national and international boards while some have their independent curriculum as well.

Running a preschool business in India provides the freedom to design and adapt the curriculum has resulted in a lot of variation in the learning programs. However, there has been no system designed to measure the quality and output of the education programs that have been designed for these tiny tots. Similarly, there are no parameters for the admission criteria for these schools. Thus kids enter the schools from various socio-economical backgrounds, study in varied education patterns and enter primary schools with a variation in knowledge and understanding.

It is therefore essential that there should be certain parameters that measure the efficiency and effectiveness of the early education imparted in preschools. This quality assessment helps to safeguard the early education and helps in regulating the standards of preschool education. In India, the regulation can be brought about by periodical inspection and assessment by the regulatory bodies.

There could also be a process of receiving an accreditation by the regulatory bodies or department of education just like the higher education bodies receive. This can help the parents to get assured about the quality of education imparted by the preschool. Preschools can be proactive by maintaining their own preschool quality assessment checklist and periodically evaluating the overall preschool service.

The quality assessment also involves the verification of the preschool training skills of the staff members and the establishment of some uniform standards with respect to this. In India, teachers are expected to have a certification of the Montessori training program and an experience is preferred. In certain preschools that have an international curriculum, the norms differ. However, other than certifications, there should be parameters that test the teacher’s skills related to executing the early education and train the young minds considering their psychology.

Thus the assessment of the quality of preschool education is extremely important in order to establish uniformity in preschool education in India. We own preschool behavior management services in India and offer preschool quality checks ( QC ) services in India.