Importance of stem education in India

The disciplines of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math constitute and play important roles in our lives. Popularly referred to as STEM as in the acronym, nobody can claim to be untouched by them and that is why the importance of stem education in India is being looked at more seriously than ever before.

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The global world needs talent that can measure up

We are in a digital world that is constantly throwing up new opportunities and challenges. If we have to provide a work force for the future to address the requirements in this global world, we have to take the right steps today. We cannot afford to fall back on archaic systems of education delivery that relies more on rote learning and memory recitation. It has been proved beyond doubt that this system does not provide the thinkers, innovators or inventors that the world is seeking.

We have not adopted the best practices that are currently on in the global educational field. Our children at most schools still rely on reading text books, memorizing them and reproducing content at exams that test only the retention capacity of the children but not the understanding of the subject matter.

It is time to go digital with STEM – Importance of stem education in Indian Preschool curriculum.

There is urgent need to introduce the concepts of STEM at preschool and nursery levels. That is because the concepts of STEM can be best understood and enjoyed by children who do not have preconceived ideas of these subjects. When these are introduced later, some of the children may have already developed some kind of fear or aversion to these subjects based on hearsay.

This is where the concept of digital learning comes in and makes the process much easier. Instead of using the conventional blackboard technique, teachers should be made to embrace modern digital audio visual equipment to impart education. Virtual and Augmented Reality concepts are now very much in force and education can be made enjoyable as well as engaging to children making use of these concepts.

STEM subjects are not easy to assimilate

There is no doubt that the subjects of science, technology, engineering and math are not easy to learn and pick up. Unless they are introduced to children in a manner that is interactive and interesting, children will not take to them. Early exposure to these subjects through subject content and delivery by the right teachers in an environment that is congenial will enable children to learn these subjects.

A strong base and good knowledge of the concepts in these subjects among children will provide us the next batch of innovators, scientists, engineers and inventors.  Today we are faced with a talent gap not only in children but also teachers. The demand for excellent teachers who can impart education in STEM subjects is increasing exponentially and there is a need to make the profession of teaching a viable and sought after one by the government. Only this will encourage more among us to take up teaching as a full time profession.

Virtual Reality Preschool education In India

Virtual Reality Education In India

The education system in our country is in urgent need of reforms. The government through the Right To Education Act has taken some steps in laying out guidelines for preschools and how they should be run. However, when it comes to education content, the quality of teachers, the infrastructure of schools and introduction of digital learning, we lag behind globally accepted standards by quite a distance. It is high time we introduce the concepts of virtual reality education in India as also the concept of augmented reality education.

Education has to be made interesting and engaging

There is a definite need to introduce virtual reality education in India right at the preschool and nursery levels. Children will surely get bored when they have to listen to a monologue from a teacher who is not well equipped to teach. The result is they lose interest and focus.

What is virtual reality education?

It is a concept that brings alive textbook content in the form of 3D images and immersions. The cost of VR headsets and devices is costly at the moment but can be brought down if the government is serious about introducing this in schools at the earliest.

The consequence of VR education is such that children and teachers get to enjoy interactive learning sessions that are fruitful. Teachers too learn a lot when imparting education in this manner. Dry and mundane topics in the text books are brought alive through virtual reality and augmented reality.

While virtual reality transports the viewer to another world altogether, augmented reality takes into consideration the existing environment of the viewer and offers an enhanced experience incorporating aspects of the room and scenario.

The strengthening of the teacher – student bond

Today the teacher is having a lot of problems managing a big class and is unable to devote attention to students individually. The portion or subject content to be covered is also very vast. She also has to do a lot of paper correction and other tasks that take up her time. Digital learning will get rid of many of the routine tasks, leaving her free to concentrate on children and this will definitely improve the teacher-student bonding.

Moreover, virtual reality education in India, by its very nature is so immersive that children will look forward to the learning process instead of turning away from it.

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Starting a Preschool in Ahmedabad

Ahmedabad, a major city in the state of Gujarat, is well known for its trade and commerce. Being one of the fastest growing cities with a good climate and infrastructure, it has seen a growth in business and settlements in the last decade. Unlike Bangalore and Pune that are known as the IT centers, Ahmedabad has always been a city of trade and business. Education has its own mark in this city with higher education institutions like IIM being located here. Schools in Ahmedabad are run by the Corporation as well as by private institutions.

Preschool education has highly evolved here in the last decade. Starting your own play schools or preschool in Ahmedabad can be profitable provided you understand the market requirement.

The importance of English medium schools has been established here. Along with the schools affiliated to the Gujarat State Board, schools linked to the CBSE, ICSE and international boards have come up in this city. Well known preschool chains and brands have been established in the city as well. You can get preschool franchise in Ahmedabad.

If you are planning to start a preschool in Ahmedabad, you can opt for a curriculum that is affiliated to the State Board or you can start a school with national or international curriculum as well. Though Ahmedabad has been a city of traders, the percentage of working parents has also been on the rise. Like any other major city, the parents here are conscious about their kids getting the best education and related facilities.

You can decide the site for your preschool and study the location and education trend in the area. The cost of infrastructure will depend on the location and the type of preschool that you decide on. If you are planning for a school with international curriculum, you need to survey other schools in your locality and understand what they offer. You can also get to know what the parents expect.

Once you finalize on the curriculum, you can apply for sanction from the local authorities and the education departments. Gujarati being the native language, you may need to hire help to communicate with the kids initially. Irrespective of your affiliation, you need to be geared up to set up a preschool that offers quality in infrastructure, education, curricular and extracurricular activities and other activities. Setting up day care and other additional facilities may depend on the locality of the school and the response that you are likely to get.

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Starting a Preschool in Hyderabad

How to open your own preschool in Hyderabad, 

Start your low investment day care and play group in hyderabad ( India )

Hyderabad, the City of Pearls is the capital of the state of Andhra Pradesh. This city boasts of the presence of several renowned educational and technological institutes in India. Since the last decade, the advance in technology has opened up new avenues of careers and people are seen to be moving in to this city.

The schools in Hyderabad are run by public and private institutions and are affiliated to the State, CBSE or ICSE boards. IB schools are also coming up here. Similar to other mega cities, several chains and well known brands of preschools are set up here too.

If you are planning to start a preschool in Hyderabad, the scene is not very different from the one in any major city. However, Hyderabad has a mixed percentage of working class. Hence, depending on the location, you can go in for a school with the best and high class amenities or it could be a school that has simple but quality based standards. Alternatively, you can also opt for a preschool franchise in Hyderabad. As the branded schools are setting up rapidly in the city, there are lucrative franchise offers available. However, you need to understand the business opportunities in preschool
and that the offers provide actual profit without any hidden costs. We are consultants for preschool Franchise in Hyderabad and you can contact us for details.

The location and the affiliation of the curriculum are the two major things that need to be decided. Once the capital and the location is finalized, you can start working on getting the approval of the civic and the education authorities. The norms that are laid down by the municipal and state authorities for education need to be adhered to. Based on the board or council, you need to complete the affiliation procedure and set up the infrastructure, equipments and trained staff members.

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how to open a preschool in Mumbai

Mumbai is not just the capital of Maharashtra state, but it is the city of dreams for people in and out of India. People flock in to Mumbai to pursue their careers and most of them opt to settle down here. The Metro lifestyle, good education and facilities are some of the prime reasons for settlement in Mumbai. As a result, school education has expanded its horizons here. In addition to quality education at school and higher levels, preschool education has also evolved in this city.

If you plan to start your preschool or day care in Mumbai, you will come across a whole range of preschool franchise assistance offers from various brands. These schools offer preschool franchise with business opportunities in Mumbai and commit low investment preschool franchise. However, if you plan to go ahead and open your own school which is more advisable, you need to do a bit of research. The first and probably most important aspect for a Mumbai school is the location. The cost of your school site is the prime factor. If you have your own space, it is a dream come true. If you are planning to buy a ready structure or lease out a construction, you need to work on the finances as property costs are tremendous.

Once you have decided on the site, depending on the location, you need to decide the scope of your preschool. If you have several preschools with an international curriculum in your area, you need to plan for the competition or decide for some other type of curriculum. You can get your own curriculum developed too. With a high percentage of working parents, a well equipped preschool with a curriculum affiliated to latest trends is preferred. Pick up and drop facilities, attached day care or after school programs are also preferred in most of the areas.

With the location, investment and curriculum plans on paper, you need to proceed for the consent of the regulatory bodies. Research the rules laid down by the civic bodies and the Maharashtra Government and get set with your documentation. You will need to approach the Municipal Corporation and the education department for NOCs and consent letters for various aspects. If you are adopting a curriculum affiliation from a particular board or council, you need to complete those formalities. This again includes a checklist with factors like infrastructure, safety regulations, and trained staff and so on. With all this preparation, you can finally get started to open your preschool.

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