Mother Toddler Activity Centres

Mother Toddler activity centres are set up to provide activity-based integrated learning. This can be done so as to stimulate the development in social, emotional, physical and cognitive areas. The activity centre designs programs in such a way that it includes activities like art, music, interactive games and many more. These introduce the toddlers to basic pre-academic skills through teacher guided activities and hands-on learning.

If you are setting up a Parent and Toddler Group in India, there is some amount of research that you need to do. You can start this activity centre in the play school premise so that you can make use of the infrastructure and other facilities. However, you need a dedicated area for this activity centre to avoid the overlapping of the play school schedule.

If you do not have a playschool, then you need to set up a designated area with infrastructure, toys and stationery required for this activity centre. The space depends on the intake that you plan for this centre. You need to design a curriculum for the programs that you design within this centre. You can plan the batches for certain fixed durations like 2 months with a number of sessions per week. You can design and plan the calendar with the respective batches. You can opt for timings that suit the working moms and for those who are at home.

When planning the curriculum, you need to conduct a research of the activity groups at various centres and accordingly decide the best options. You can take the help of education consultants and experts from these fields. The staff and help required for this activity centre needs to be trained and certified.

Once all the things are in place, you need to market your business and counsel parents about the advantages of enrolling at the centre.

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