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Phonics teacher training in Mumbai


Certificate phonics classes for adults in Mumbai

It is important to develop the right habits of behavior, speech and attitude in young children. This can be done at preschools, activity centers and other educational institutions, only if you have the right teachers who can guide children. Teachers can mould the habits of children from an early age as that is when children are able to absorb what is being taught to them without any bias or preconceived prejudice. We offer phonics courses for teachers in Mumbai

The ability to speak well and properly, using the right phonetics is an important step in the process of verbal communication. Teachers have to be adequately trained in phonics, spelling skills, writing and word recognition. It is only then that they can impart their knowledge to impressionable young children. The phonics teacher training program enables the teacher to learn the above skills and become proficient in them.

You can write in a particular language only when you can identify the sounds of letters as well as the different letter combinations. It is not enough to read based on merely context along with any picture clues. Those who follow this method find it inadequate to read fluently and therefore have to understand the nuances of phonetics also to become good readers.

The phonics teaching program covers the following aspects:

  • How to identify and say the main 42 letters of the English language and also write them
  • How to blend sounds to form words and read them accordingly
  • Identifying letters that correspond to the words spoken so that they can then write those words

Teachers who are trained in phonics will be able to assist children in comprehending text through the process of decoding words. Word recognition will lead to fluent reading, which in turn will help comprehension. Properly administered phonics training will enable teachers to also improve the spelling ability of children since they would be able to decipher spelling patterns quickly when they are reading.

Teachers well trained in phonics will be able to:

  • Encourage children to learn independently
  • Develop their creativity for fresh story ideas
  • Enrich their vocabulary
  • Make them confident to speak in a social setting

The phonics teacher training is not only useful for English teachers but also for parents, other working professionals and all those who wish to speak and read fluent English. Good and correct communication skills are after all, important for everybody. Contact us in Mumbai for Short phonic course for teachers and Phonics classes for parents.