Preschool Curriculum and Digital Learning in India

The positive role of preschools in the educational development of the child is now a well established fact. The thrust provided by the government on education through the Right To Education Act and the guidelines put down on how these preschools should be run have made matters clear to everybody. We therefore see a lot of interest in setting up these schools by individuals, corporate companies and other institutions as they are aware they can get a more than decent return on their investment.

When you add the impetus of the prevailing digital advancements to all this, it is easy to appreciate that preschool curriculum and digital learning in India is the way to go. Parents want the best for their children and will not hesitate to spend money on education. They are also in today’s times well travelled and wish schools in India to have similar operations like some of the globally respected preschools.

Things are changing in India

Awareness and the stipulation of strict regulations on how preschools have to be run is today a given. This has led to many global brands getting into franchise agreements with interested local parties for the setting up preschools wherein the children will be exposed to the best global preschool curriculum.

Digital learning is automatically enhanced and promoted through such ventures. The once boring classroom with a teacher doing a monologue session with children is fast coming to an end. Today, there is talk of virtual reality and augmented reality experiences in the classroom with both teachers and children getting into highly interactive sessions.

Digital gadgets are becoming the flavor of the day

There is increased acceptance of allowing gadgets like the tablet in classrooms. Teachers too are being trained to use the digital medium for teaching. The conventional blackboard with chalk and duster will have to make way for the digital gadgets. Children are also more comfortable with the usage of such gadgets due to their exposure at a very early age to smart phones. They are also more than happy sharing notes on social media groups and chat groups.

Preschool curriculum and digital learning is here to stay and nobody can wish it away now. The process of learning and the entire experience of exploring vistas in each subject through technology is motivating teachers and children alike.

Infrastructural reforms and pace have to pick up

Digital learning across schools and universities in India can take a leap only when sufficient bandwidth is available at both urban and rural locations. The government is doing a good job laying fiber optic pipes and enabling last mile connectivity.

India is booming with a middle class that is happy to spend on digital devices and on internet. The ecosystem is changing rapidly, thanks to government initiatives in the fields of power and road networks. There is virtually nothing that can now stop this nation from embracing digital education in full.

Global brands in education are here to provide their expertise for preschool curriculum and digital learning to really take off in India.