School and Educational Products

If you run an education institute or a day care centre, or are planning to start one, you will constantly require a supply of school or educational products. This starts right from the time you set up the school and even when you have settled in your business. Educational products occur in numerous categories and also vary in price range.

Some of the educational products like learning equipments like black and white boards, chalks, dusters, markers, learning equipments are mandatory for any school. Similarly, you can order library books, CDs and audio collections as per the extent of the school library.

For a playschool or a preschool, you require various types of games that include pretend and play sets, modeling clay, puzzles and other games. Sports equipments also form a mandatory part as school products. Preschools have a different requirement than primary and high schools. Numerous sets of various types of story books, nursery rhymes are also required. We deal in preschool and school supplies in Mumbai.You also need a set of teaching supplies for teachers as well. These include stationery

Items like pencils, pens, notebooks, folders, and other basics school supplies. Additional items like prizes, medals, small gifts and many other items are also required intermittently. A set of registers and mandatory documents are also essential. We are school products suppliers in Mumbai. We deal in educational products at various school levels.