Mother Toddler Curriculum in India – planning the best for your play school

The mother toddler curriculum needs to be designed for a short and fixed duration of time. The topics of the curriculum may vary but overall the curriculum includes activities that focus on understanding and encouraging the all round development of the toddlers.

This program is designed for toddlers of 10 months to around 2 years. The curriculum for mother toddler activity centres needs to be designed so as to suit this age group. Secondly, the toddlers come to the school and out of the home environment for the first time. It is important to have an informal approach to make them more comfortable.

As the mothers accompany the kids, the curriculum needs to be an experience that helps the moms understand the interests of their toddlers and also should provide an opportunity to get introduced to the learn and play world.

The parent toddler curriculum in India can be described broadly as follows:

Games like blocks, puzzles, stacking rings, sorting shapes, modeling clays are perfect for toddlers. They help in developing the motor and coordination skills of the kids. Pretend and play activities like kitchen, doll house and many more can be included.

Outdoor games like gymnastics, sandpit, and sports can let out their energy and moms can let go their kids.

Activities like singing, dancing, recitation and drama help children express themselves and boost their social skills. It brings up the confidence level of the child. Children can be encouraged to draw and paint with the freedom of expression.

Through all these activities, moms also get a chance to observe their kids and interact with them. They can understand the inclination of their kid and enjoy the activities with them. The teachers explain the significance of the curriculum to the mothers and can guide them regarding systematic education in the formative years. We are education consultants and we design the best mother toddler program curriculum in India