Pre-primary Curriculum in India

Pre-primary is the foundation phase of the school life for kids. The pre primary school curriculum in India needs to be designed thoughtfully. This curriculum should enable the kids to be geared up for the next schooling phase. Considering the pre-primary age group, the activities and study of the pre-primary phase should be nourishing for the little brains. Due consideration should be given to the physical, psychological, emotional and intellectual development of the children.

The pre primary syllabus in India should be such that they should be easy to grasp for the slow learners and should also provide options for the ones with a greater aptitude. The learning should be more through fun and interaction instead of routine classroom lessons. The curriculum should be in sync with the future curriculum. The pre-primary syllabus of CBSE in India and the CBSE kindergarten syllabus should be at advantage if the school follows the CBSE pattern.

Introducing kids to alphabets and words can be done through innovative methods. Children should also be introduced to books and story sessions. You can include memorizing poetry, rhymes and teach them recitation. Children can explore and share their imaginative world though stories and poems. Thus language and phonetics can be introduced and it helps them throughout their life. Numbers can also be introduced through poems and rhymes. Including games session as a part of the curriculum is also essential. This needs to include indoor as well as outdoor games.

Extracurricular activities like music, sports, dance, drama and celebrations are also essential to ensure the overall development of the kids. You can plan celebrations like parents’ day, grandparents’ day, and festivals. Sports events can include soft gym, running, sack race and other sports that are suitable for this age group. The curriculum should comprise of regular interactive sessions with parents. Parents’ workshops also help a great deal where parents can understand education in a different perspective. We are educare consultants and design curriculum for Playgroup, Nursery, Jr.KG, Sr. KG.