how to open a preschool in Mumbai

Mumbai is not just the capital of Maharashtra state, but it is the city of dreams for people in and out of India. People flock in to Mumbai to pursue their careers and most of them opt to settle down here. The Metro lifestyle, good education and facilities are some of the prime reasons for settlement in Mumbai. As a result, school education has expanded its horizons here. In addition to quality education at school and higher levels, preschool education has also evolved in this city.

If you plan to start your preschool or day care in Mumbai, you will come across a whole range of preschool franchise assistance offers from various brands. These schools offer preschool franchise with business opportunities in Mumbai and commit low investment preschool franchise. However, if you plan to go ahead and open your own school which is more advisable, you need to do a bit of research. The first and probably most important aspect for a Mumbai school is the location. The cost of your school site is the prime factor. If you have your own space, it is a dream come true. If you are planning to buy a ready structure or lease out a construction, you need to work on the finances as property costs are tremendous.

Once you have decided on the site, depending on the location, you need to decide the scope of your preschool. If you have several preschools with an international curriculum in your area, you need to plan for the competition or decide for some other type of curriculum. You can get your own curriculum developed too. With a high percentage of working parents, a well equipped preschool with a curriculum affiliated to latest trends is preferred. Pick up and drop facilities, attached day care or after school programs are also preferred in most of the areas.

With the location, investment and curriculum plans on paper, you need to proceed for the consent of the regulatory bodies. Research the rules laid down by the civic bodies and the Maharashtra Government and get set with your documentation. You will need to approach the Municipal Corporation and the education department for NOCs and consent letters for various aspects. If you are adopting a curriculum affiliation from a particular board or council, you need to complete those formalities. This again includes a checklist with factors like infrastructure, safety regulations, and trained staff and so on. With all this preparation, you can finally get started to open your preschool.

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